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Selmer SBA tenor sax 38xxx silver plated

Selmer Super Balanced Action

Tenor Sax # 38,xxx

Silver plated - refinished

Paris assembled

$ 8,550

This is a 38,xxx SBA tenor in outstanding mechanical condition. It has just received a Tenor Madness overhaul and is set up with the Pisoni Pro pads and Tenor Madness reusable screw-in brass resonators. It feels super smooth and comfortable under your fingers.

We believe it to be a re-plate, done to the same standards as an original plating. There is faint evidence of dent work done on the left side of the bottom bow and on the side of the neck - all done well. The bottom bow brace itself as well as the bell flare looks to have never been damaged. Besides a few tiny dings, the horn is in very good shape.

It is a fantastic playing SBA! From the moment your airstream hit the mouthpiece the horn resonates and vibrates with a rich, round and focused tone. It is quite quick responding and very powerful! The sound is in the middle of dark/bright spectrum but very complex - there is both a depth and warmth coupled with a resonant “wet” sizzle that makes it very expressive at all dynamic levels. You can play it rich and sweet or ride on top of the band with a powerful projection that carries to the back of the room.

Don’t be turned off by the refinished classification - this one is a player that is world class!

If you have any questions about this horn, please feel free to give us a call at 212-683-2985 or email us at info@kbsax.com.

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