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Rampone Cazzani saxcello soprano sax gold plated

Rampone Cazzani

"Saxcello" Soprano Sax #26,xxx

Gold plated

Like-new condition

$ 3,450

This is a mint condition Rampone Cazzani gold plated soprano saxophone (Bb). It is a one-piece curved neck with "tipped" bell. It is a one-owner horn and was played little - it shows no signs of wear. All pads are in perfect like-new condition. We have gone completely through the horn to ensure optimal playing condition.

Rampone Cazzani is a small Italian saxophone company that makes the highest quality handbuild instruments. The craftmanship is excellent and the design exquisite!

The keywork on this soprano is tight, smooth and well balanced, and the curved neck makes it ergonomically very comfortable to play.

It plays with a big, beautiful and resonant sound. You can feel the whole tube vibrate under your fingers. It has a bigger and wider sound than the regular straight sopranos (Selmer, Yanagisawa or Yamaha). If anything, it reminds more of the old American horns like a Buescher for instance.

It has a deeply rich and complex sound that will allow for the full range of expression of any player. Really a special instrument!

If you have any questions about this horn, please feel free to give us a call at 212-683-2985 or email us at info@kbsax.com.

KB Sax is now an official dealer of Rampone Cazzani. Please call or email us if you would like to learn more!

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