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Yamaha YBS62 low A bari sax #0120xx

Yamaha YBS-62

Baritone Sax # 012,0xx

Low A

Lightly used

$ 6,500

This is a low A Yamaha YBS-62 in very good playing condition. Cosmetically the horn is in very good shape with just a small ding in the bell flare. We resoldered the high E top post and the crook to body brace holder on the body. We have gone through and done a full adjustment on the horn and it is in top playing shape. It plays with excellent intonation and the quick and precise response the 62’s are known for. Good deal on a slightly used YBS-62!

If you have any questions about this horn, please feel free to give us a call at 212-683-2985 or email us at info@kbsax.com.

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