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Repair Services

KB Sax - saxophone repair service in NYC

  • We provide repair services ranging from minor adjustments to full overhauls.

  • We take pride in the quality of the repair services we provide and use only the best materials available in our work.

  • Our Overhauls are complete rebuilds that aim at restoring the saxophone to a mechanical condition that is as good as new. In addition to all new pads, new cork and felt, and springs as needed, additional steps are taken to correct tone holes, level key cups, and eliminate mechanical play to ensure perfect mechanical action. Our goal is to bring out the maximum potential of each horn.

  • Our standard re-pad offers all new pads, cork and felt as needed.

  • Learn more about our Overhaul procedures



KB Sax - pricing

  • Shop rate is $75 per hour.
  • The price for an Overhaul is $1,100 plus materials.  This price applies to soprano, alto and tenor saxophones. If additional body work is necessary, an extra charge may be added based on the hourly shop rate.
  • For baritone saxophone overhaul, please contact us for a quote.
  • The price for a standard re-pad is $700 plus materials.
  • Please note all sales to New York State residents as well as in-store purchases are subject to 8.875% NY sales tax.
  • Most payment methods are accepted.


  • Our complete overhaul comes with a One-Year limited warranty. This warranty covers free regulations and minor adjustments due to normal wear and tear. You are only responsible for any applicable shipping charges.
  • Adjustments or repair caused by new trauma inflicted on the saxophone will not be covered under this warranty. Warranty is automatically voided if during the one year limited warranty period, the saxophone is repaired or adjusted by a third party without first obtaining authorization from KB Saxophone Services.

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